LkProd's Selection

Growing up with video games by his side, LkProd has always had a big connection to the music found therein, but only after becoming increasingly passionate for game music thanks to SEGA Sound Team's compositions for the Sonic series did this newfound interest culminate in a constant desire to expand his music taste and library.

Eventually joining the team at 140VGM, he's since contributed by sharing a variety of songs from all kinds of genres and games, much like this mix.

With tracks ranging from jazz to jungle, this selection features some of LkProd's all-time favorites, along with tunes he recently hasn't been able to get enough of.


  • Yuichiro Noro - Priyo City Part 1

    Critical Velocity

  • Takahiro Eguchi - Under The Railway

    Fighting EX Layer

  • Kenji Hiramatsu - Battle!! (Torna)

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country

  • HAGANE - Neverending Song (Violette's Theme)

    One Step From Eden

  • Camellia - Towards The Horizon

    Reflec Beat: The Reflesia Of Eternity

  • Manabu Namiki - Niji (Stage2)

    DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

  • Dirty Androids - Urban Constellations

    beatmania IIDX 26: Rootage

  • Hiroshi Okubo - Carmine


  • Funk Fiction - Wolf Rayet (For Technology Tree Boss Act)

    Sonic After The Sequel

  • Klaus Veen - Snibbit

    Lethal League: Blaze

  • B.K.O - Nina Williams

    Tekken 3

  • Nekomata Master - Bahram Attack (feat. JUNE) (Nekomata Master Remix)

    beatmania IIDX 16: EMPRESS

  • Kikuo - Conciliation

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction

  • Daisuke Nagata - Snowfield Story

    Zanac X Zanac

  • Yuzo Koshiro - Labyrinth IV (Echoing Library)

    Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends Of The Titan

  • Kenichi Tokoi - Dragon Road (Night)

    Sonic: Unleashed

  • Tomoya Ohtani - Sa・Ku・Ra (feat. HITOMITOI)

    Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

  • Taku Inoue - Tonight (Ending Credit) (feat. Sky Hy)

    Ridge Racer 3D