8Beats is an internet radio dedicated to video game music, live 24-7 from Lyon, France.

Initially existing as a small private Facebook group, limited to a few aficionados, the project’s outlines shifted in 2021 with the two co-founders’, Jesse and Lucas, desire to open up the platform to a wider audience and in turn to establish a meeting place for curious amateurs and demanding music lovers alike. 8Beats’ avowed ambition is to showcase this vast subculture through spotlighting its motley enthusiasts, as well as the actors that bring it to life, be it: composers, labels, content creators and many more.

Completely independent and with a strong desire to remain as tenable as possible, your donations are always welcome! This will help us to ensure the sustainability of the project and allow us to fund operating costs (servers, broadcasting, subscriptions, etc.) together with a constant fresh approach to sharing our common passion.

For new show proposal, please fill our form.

If you have any enquiries, suggestions or just to say hello, keep in touch with us at: contact@8beats.co.

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