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We believe independent radio stations play a pivotal role in preserving diversity in our society. That's why it's essential to create inclusive spaces where unheard sounds can be heard.

This commitment is reflected in our promotion of video game music as a legitimate art form, showcasing its boundless musical landscape, and in our meticulous archival work to preserve its rich heritage.

By supporting us, you help sustain our engaged community that shares this vision. Join us and make a difference!


Completely self-funded, 8Beats thrives on the passion of our curators worldwide. But we also need your help.

Your contributions are crucial in covering our fixed expenses, such as servers, broadcasting, domain name, Mixcloud, and royalties for featured artists.

Once these costs are taken care of, the remaining funds are dedicated to improving the radio station, with the main goal of making it a go-to destination for all gamers and music lovers.

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