Ridge Racer: Ridge City FM2

by JamesonEmpire

This month on barSILENCE, we're returning to the streets of Ridge City once again, revving our engines and drifting through the incredible soundtracks of Rave Racer from the arcade and Rage Racer on the PlayStation!

Get behind the wheel of the raving sounds of 1995's arcade perfection, Rave Racer, featuring the final Ridge Racer soundtrack by Shinji Hosoe, Nobuyoshi Sano, Ayako Saso, and the first appearance of Takayuki Aihara.

Then, we'll tune into the new generation of breakbeat and grooving drum and bass sound from the 1997 PlayStation release of Rage Racer, composed by Hiroshi Okubo and Tetsukazu Nakanishi.