The Year Is 2022 And You're A Wanderer

by Peterline6

A musical series exploring the very best of 2022's video game music.

Picture a character, side-scrolling through various landscapes and seasons. You don't know its goal or where they go. This is the soundtrack to their journey, which captures the joyful beginnings, the inevitable doubts, and the reviving hope as they approach their destination.


  • 00:00

    Theophany - Village

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits

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  • 03:23

    Jason Graves - Unafraid

    Moss: Book II

    Available on
  • 05:55

    Christophe Héral - Facing The Kraken


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  • 08:32

    Claude Ruelle & Helin - A Summer Of Possibilities

    My Time At Sandrock

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  • 12:12

    Ian Livingstone - Beautiful Evening

    The Quarry

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  • 14:32

    Eddie Marianukroh - Winter Winds

    Chained Echoes

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  • 16:46

    Joel Schoch - Use The Wind

    Far: Changing Tides

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  • 18:16

    HOYO-MiX - Wandering Clouds

    Genshin Impact

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  • 20:30

    Tomoya Ohtani - Ares Island: 2nd Mvt.

    Sonic Frontiers

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  • 25:47

    Charles Bardin & Valentin Ducloux - Head In The Clouds

    A Musical Story

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  • 27:30

    Dabu & Simon Swerwer - Expansive Cavern

    Dwarf Fortress

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  • 30:49

    John Oeth - Midnight Harmony

    New World

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  • 32:30

    Joel Bille - Enter The Night Orchard


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