The Year Is 2022 & You Try To Focus On Your Homework

by Peterline6

A musical series exploring the very best of 2022's video game music.

You can picture it. The lofi girl, scribbling on her journal, relaxing to chill beats. That's basically it! But you'll find more than lo-fi in this new selection of downtempo tracks from last year.


  • 00:00

    Mike Morasky - Thirty Seven After Six

    Half-Life: Alyx

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  • 02:20

    Neil Haverty & Misha Bower - Dawn Song


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  • 04:42

    Ben Yusuf Quinn - It's Up To You

    One Dreamer

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  • 07:45

    TymeDust - My Face In The Sand

    Pitstop In Purgatory

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  • 09:54

    Mark Sparling - Fuwa Fuwa Mountains (Shop)

    Flying Neko Delivery

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  • 13:27

    Tomoya Ohtani - Fishing Vibes

    Sonic Frontiers

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  • 20:04

    Grant Graham - Sonar (Lofi)

    Ghost Song

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  • 23:09

    omniboi - Dreamwalker

    We Are OFK

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  • 24:46

    Vincent Diamante - Gravity Pop

    Spacefolk City

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  • 27:42

    Falcom Sound Team jdk - The Other Side Of The Cloudy Sky

    The Legend Of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki

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  • 30:26

    Pocket Muzik - If you Insist I Have No Other Option

    Arcana Twilight

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  • 33:23

    Publio Delgado - Zanguango

    Brutal Orchestra

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  • 35:10

    Tim Sheinman - Sleepers

    Riley & Rochelle

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