GXM 20

by Mat Ombler & Thomas Quillfeldt

We’ve reached episode 20! Hooray! And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate another 10 episodes in the bag than by inviting back IGN’s creative strategy lead and VGM expert, Anthony Agnello, for GXM’s Alternative Video Game Music Awards.

We brainstormed our own weird and wonky categories celebrating video game music (mostly) released in 2023, from the ‘Best Remake Soundtrack Award’ and ‘Spiciest VGM Take of 2023’ to ‘I Quit ‘Coz This Soundtrack’s Too Damn Long’ Award’ and ‘Guiltiest VGM Pleasure of 2023’.

In the absence of a news section for this episode, expect laughs, tears, and mountains of video game music trivia. We hope you discover something new to listen to, and shout-out to all of the amazing musicians that made 2023 a banner year for game music.