Earth-2 2021

by Gautoz

After spending six years working for Gamekult as a game journalist, Gautoz made a transition to independent game journalism on Twitch. In addition to this, he has been co-hosting Les Démons Du MIDI, a VGM podcast that airs monthly since 2013.

By day, Gautoz is a dedicated game journalist, while by night, he shares his love for VGM as a podcaster, and he's an avid 8Beats enthusiast around the clock. He's proud to present his first music-only video game mixtape, Earth-2 2021, which celebrates one year of indie games by curating the best music that these indie games offered in 2021.

While games like Returnal, Halo Infinite, and Psychonauts 2 may have great music, today is all about small teams, smaller budgets, and big bright ideas.


  • 00:00

    Skillbard - Shadow Trail

    Genesis Noir

    Available on
  • 03:00

    David Fenn - Hall Of Doors

    Death’s Door

    Available on
  • 05:30

    Andrew Prahlow - The River

    Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye

    Available on
  • 08:10

    Nobuo Uematsu - Expedition


    Available on
  • 10:52

    Danshin & Arook Aftab - Abode (feat. Anna Bo)


    Available on
  • 14:20

    Olivier Zuccaro - Trenches (Gang Wars 1st Movement)

    Necromunda: Hired Gun

    Available on
  • 17:40

    Jonah Senzel - The Scrybe Of Beasts


    Available on
  • 20:55

    Tee Lopes - Wings Of Fury

    Streets Of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare

    Available on
  • 24:22

    blinch - Cosmic Temperance

    Loop Hero

    Available on
  • 27:25

    Tsuyomi - Return Trip


    Available on
  • 29:26

    Qwesta & Luke McQueen - Life After The End (FM Version)

    Steel Assault

    Available on
  • 31:54

    Rémi Gallego - Distant Memories

    The Last Spell

    Available on
  • 36:20

    Natureboy Flako - Giant Beast


    Available on
  • 38:00

    Ratvader - Mycelium (II)

    The Gunk

    Available on
  • 42:46

    Josef Tuulse & Retro Family - Paths (Main Theme)

    Book Of Travels

    Available on
  • 46:00

    The Toxic Avenger - Home Call

    Road 96

    Available on
  • 49:44

    Lena Raine - Supper Woods

    Chicory: A Colorful Tale

    Available on
  • 53:12

    Japanese Breakfast - Glider


    Available on
  • 56:00

    Clark Powell - Flare (Insurrecton Remix)


    Available on
  • 1:00:05

    Cat Jahnke - Let Me Go Home

    Slice Of Sea

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