Turbo VNR

by Fanny Rebillard

Get a taste of Fanny's anger with some of the most epic music in video games.

© 2017 Square Enix Co., Ltd.


  • Masayoshi Soken - Ultima

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Available on
  • Masashi Hamauzu - Born Anew

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Available on
  • Keiki Kobayashi - Zero

    Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

    Available on
  • Rei Kondoh - Rising Sun


    Available on
  • Satoshi Hori - Breath Of Ire

    Monster Hunter: Rise

    Available on
  • Revo - Uroboros, The Serpent That Devours The Horizon

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Available on
  • Motoi Sakuraba - The Divine Spirit Of Language

    Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

  • Rio Hamamoto - Doomsday

    SoulCalibur VI

    Available on
  • Yoko Shimomura - Apocalypsis Noctis

    Final Fantasy XV

    Available on
  • Nobuo Uematsu - Crab Warden

    Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    Available on
  • Ryo Takeshita - Genesis Beyond The Origins (Opening Version)

    Ys Origin

    Available on
  • Keigo Hoashi - A Beautiful Song

    NieR: Automata

    Available on
  • Pedro Silva - World's End Valentine


    Available on
  • Jake Kaufman - The Rival (Black Knight - First Battle)

    Shovel Knight

    Available on
  • Mike Morasky - Your Precious Moon

    Portal 2

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