The Year Is 2022 & You Order A Fancy Cocktail

by Peterline6

A musical series exploring the very best of 2022's video game music.

You're all dressed up and have taken a seat at the bar. The lights are dimmed, and you're making eye contact with the barmaid. 'What's your poison?' she asks. In other words: an episode of KVGM's The Last Wave in disguise.


  • 00:00

    Pocket Muzik - Street Life

    Blood Kiss

    Available on
  • 02:50

    Falcom Sound Team jdk - Arkride Solutions Office

    The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki

    Available on
  • 07:17

    HMNK - On The Edge

    Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season

    Available on
  • 10:04

    Atsushi Kitajoh - The AI And The Heart

    Persona 5: Strikers

    Available on
  • 13:15

    Matthew S Burns - Sawayama Solitaire

    Last Call BBS

    Available on
  • 17:42

    Pocket Muzik - City Lights

    Blood Kiss

    Available on
  • 20:06

    Falcom Sound Team jdk - Step In The Edith

    The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki

    Available on
  • 22:26

    SNK Sound Team - Team Secret Agent Ending

    The King of Fighters XV

    Available on
  • 26:04

    Pocket Muzik - Calm Down, Honey

    Killing Kiss

    Available on
  • 28:50

    Shoji Meguro - Royal Days (Another Version)

    Persona 5: Royal

    Available on
  • 31:18

    Dale North & Peter Jones - Atlas Interiors

    RWBY: Arrowfell

    Available on
  • 33:08

    Vanguard Sound - The Sicilian Bar Jar

    ANNO: Mutationem

    Available on
  • 37:14

    Chris Reyman - Hard Candy (Bonus Track)

    Walkabout Mini Golf

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