Love To All Doggos

by moonflowersoft

Moonset VGM Mix is a ~30 minutes DJ set music series posted every full moon! Tracks are all taken from video games or VGM related tracks. This mix is dedicated to all doggos on earth and beyond! Look at those fluffy faces! Don’t you want to dance to the housy, groovy and spacy beats with them?


  • 00:00

    Richard Jacques - Am I Only Dreaming

    Metropolis Street Racer

  • 01:53

    Yoshie Arakawa - Silent Assassin (Cool Headed Mix)

    Tekken 2

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  • 04:19

    Sizlla Okamura - Track 4

    Ling Rise

  • 06:25

    Unknown - Track 3

    Break Volley

  • 10:28

    Yoshiaki Fujisawa - Sprint

    Prince Of Stride

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  • 13:58

    Naoyoshi Yamamoto, Yuya Ogawa & Syuji Ishiguro - HANDO

    I Am An Air Traffic Controller: Airport Hero - Narita

  • 16:59

    Kenji Matsuo, Masashi Sugiyama & Ayako Yamaguchi - Earl Grey's Theme

    Rescue Shot

  • 21:15

    Kimitaka Matsumae - Record

    Option Tuning Car Battle Spec R

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  • 23:45

    Masashi Hamauzu - Journey Through Time And Space

    Unlimited SaGa

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  • 27:00

    Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days

    Lethal League: Blaze

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