Groovy Super Star Ultra

by Woffdog

Woffdog is the techno moniker of Lucas Moon. He’s stuck in the middle of fast paced movements, hypnotic textures and groovy sounds.

Taking his influences on the eclectic and diverse music found in video games, he's also half of moonflowersoft, a VGM project created to mix his passion for electronic music and video game soundtracks.

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  • Naofumi Hataya - Quartz Quadrant "G" Mix

    Sonic CD

    Available on
  • Hideki Okugawa - Ending 2

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    Available on
  • Soichi Terada - Subspace (Advanced)


    Available on
  • Dave Angel - Can U Dig It

    Ghost In The Shell

    Available on
  • Koji Nakagawa - Thru

    R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

    Available on
  • Kousuke Tanaka & Shingo Murakami - Crazy Marionette

    Carnage Heart

  • Shingo Murakami - Shop 'Til You Drop

    No One Can Stop Mr. Domino

  • Masafumi Ogata - Wacky Workbench "P" Mix

    Sonic CD

    Available on
  • Rotorman - Ride

    Grand Theft Auto

    Available on
  • Tsuyoshi Matsushima - Rally Mode Theme B

    Puyo Puyo 2

  • Klaus Veen - Snibbit

    Lethal League: Blaze

    Available on
  • Yuzo Koshiro - They're Back

    Streets Of Rage 4

    Available on
  • Shusaku Uchiyama - Dr. Wily Stage 4

    Mega Man 8

  • Hirokazu Tanaka & Keiichi Suzuki - Battle Against A Weird Opponent


  • Baiyon - Circle Of Clavier

    PixelJunk Eden

    Available on
  • Shusaku Uchiyama - Opening Stage 1

    Mega Man 8

  • Andrew Crowley, Stuart Duffield & Matt Furniss - VR 1

    Assault Rigs

  • Maki Kirioka - Beyond The Bounds (Mitsuto Suzuki 020203 Mix feat. Sana)

    pop'n music 8

  • Keiichiro Segawa - Shape Memory Alloys

    Armored Core

    Available on
  • Tetsukazu Nakanishi - Eye Of The Storm

    Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

    Available on
  • Isamu Ohira - Mission Impossible

    Gran Turismo 4

    Available on
  • Satoru Kosaki - Temple

    Aqua Rush

  • Hiroshi Okubo - Dynapolis

    Ace Combat 2

    Available on
  • Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso & Shuhei Seki - Circuit Designer (EXA)

    Carnage Heart: EXA

  • Ryuji Nishida - Circuit Designer (CHP)

    Carnage Heart Portable

  • moonflowersoft - Downtown Trip

    We Will See The Neksun

  • Saori Kobayashi - Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (2018 Re-Arranged)

    Panzer Dragoon Saga

    Available on
  • PlastiK - Now Rolling... (Loading)

    Superbeat: Xonic