Final Lap

Inspired by beautiful chords and complex rhythms, Quosm spends a lot of time searching for underground artists and sharing their music through dj sets and beats.

His passion for video games and all the fine musicians gathering around this media have pushed him to develop a better way to share the love. Co-funder of 8Beats, he likes to build stories with multiple mixtapes.

Final Lap is a testimony of his passion for racing games.


  • Asuka Sakai - Light Groove

    Ridge Racers 2

  • Hiroshi Okubo - Find Your Way

    Ridge Racer 6

  • Richard Jacques - Show Me Your Love

    Metropolis Street Racer

  • Vince Pontarelli - Euro House

    Crus'n World

  • Satoru Kosaki - Monte-Carlo

    R: Racing Evolution

  • Richard Jacques - Funk Fair (Part 1)

    Daytona USA Circuit Edition

  • Masanori Takeuchi - Time Attack

    Sega GT 2002

  • John Hancock, Steven Gow, Stafford Bawler & Mark Hyett - Blue Valley

    Drome Racers

  • Pest - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Mix)


  • Antenna - Round About Midnight

    Midnight Club II

  • Makoto - Time Is Changing

    Gran Turismo 5

  • MISPATHZ - Menu & Tuning

    Option Tuning Car Battle 2

  • Mr. V - Jus' Dance (Sole Channel Mix)

    Gran Turismo Sport

  • Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love

    Gran Turismo Sport

  • Namco - Virtuoso

    Ridge Racer (Vita)

  • Richard Jacques - It Doesn't Really Matter

    Metropolis Street Racer