The Last Wave 14

by Hammock

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. It's the smooth crash of the Last Wave with your host, Hammock from KVGM, bringing you thirty minutes of the best video game jamz from all your favorite composers and consoles, from his beachside studio in sunny Aqua City. Sit back, relax, and get ready to catch... The Last Wave.


  • 00:00

    Takanori Masuko - Track 16

    Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!

  • 05:57

    Phrase It Differently - Fusionistic Mystic

    Cities: Skylines

    Available on
  • 10:55

    Boudewijn Pelt, Jeroen Petrick & Remon Vos - Stage 1

    Kang Fu

  • 14:09

    Unknown - A Chance Of Success

    Roland Garros 2005: Powered By Smash Court Tennis

  • 18:10

    Yuichi Hirose - Track 3

    Vattroller X

  • 21:54

    Joshua Hudes - Track 4

    Salary Man Escape

  • 26:07

    Akito Nakatsuka & Naoto Ishida - Breeding Charts

    BS SatesupuDX 4

  • 29:20

    Richard Jacques - Ending

    Virtua Tennis 2009