Let's Be Perfectly Queer

by Zenibuka

In this first exploration, Zenibuka puts the gay in game ! Queerness has been a part of VGM for a long time and this selection shines a light on some of the best our community has to offer.


  • 00:00

    Chipzel - Swing Me Another 6

    Dicey Dungeons

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  • 04:43

    Herbie Puppy - Deeper And Deeper

    Paquerette Down The Bunburrows

    Available on
  • 07:51

    Chu ACAB (All Contract Are Bad) - Unknown


  • 09:06

    Lena Raine - Perception Shift


    Available on
  • 11:45

    Heaven Pierce Her - Glory


    Available on
  • 14:00

    Edouard Brenneisen - Star Guardian Theme 2019 (feat. Julie Elven)

    League Of Legends

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  • 15:28

    Fingerspit - Sisterhood

    The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

    Available on
  • 22:25

    OFK - Infuriata

    We Are OFK

    Available on
  • 26:05

    Rrrrrose Azerty - Purple Gas Death Ray (Phase 4)

    Swirl W@tch

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