Caravan Stage

by Safespot

Api-Vat and Musashi Oboro, both shoot’em up music lovers, present their first joint mixtape under the name Safespot. Caravan Stage is one hour of music entirely dedicated to "suicide bullets" and "smart bombs".

Always willing to share his discoveries with a particular taste for retro bangers, Api-Vat is an insatiable VGM enthusiast who offers a carefully chosen piece of VGM every day on Twitter accounts "1 jour 1 musique de jeu" and "Daily Shmup Bangers".

In love with the Mega Drive soundchip, addict to SEGA and Sonic The Hedgehog music, Musashi Oboro was the author of VGM Quest, a video game podcast, between 2018 and 2020.

They also co-present "Options: Select Tune", a monthly live show on Twitch dedicated to VGM.


  • 00:00

    Toshiaki Sakoda - Theme Of Musha Aleste (Opening)


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  • 02:46

    Norikazu Miura - Cemetery (St2 Requiem For Revengers)

    Gradius Gaiden

    Available on
  • 05:20

    Nanpei Misawa - Sad Barofever (BGM Stage 3)

    Fever SOS

    Available on
  • 08:35

    Kazuko Umino - Pure Spirit (BGM 1 / A.D. 3195)


    Available on
  • 11:46

    Shinji Hosoe - Tears Which Died (Stage 5)

    Under Defeat

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  • 15:38

    Hiroyuki Iwatsuki - Stage 1: The Glacial Fortress

    Omega Five

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  • 19:08

    Loser Kashiwagi - Infinity... (Stage 4)

    Cho Ren Sha 68k

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  • 22:28

    Manabu Namiki - Niji (Stage2)

    DoDonPachi Saidaioujou

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  • 26:01

    Manabu Namiki - Like a Night of Falling Stars (Stage4)


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  • 30:23

    samlie - Headwinds


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  • 33:58

    Taro Kudo - Silence (4st BGM)


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  • 37:16

    Yasuhisa Watanabe - Dual Moon (Round 2)

    Metal Black

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  • 39:43

    sinoryu - Waving Nebula

    Project Starship X

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  • 42:54

    Sizlla Okamura - Not All There (Area 1)


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  • 45:18

    Hitoshi Sakimoto - Intense Cold Oil Field Base


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  • 47:52

    Joseph Bailey - Low Altitude (Stage 4)

    Devil Engine

    Available on
  • 52:03

    Toshiharu Yamanishi - Until The End Of The Earth (Stage 3)

    Elemental Master

    Available on
  • 54:10

    Francisco Cerda - Turning The Tide

    Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony

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  • 56:10

    Kenichi Koyano - Iron Knuckle (Stage 2)


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  • 58:55

    Yousuke Yasui & Claude Debussy - Clair De Lune (Ending)


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