10000 MPH

Right after playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted, VGDNBGUY found his passion for drum’n’bass and stuck with it. After almost 4 years and a few thousand tracks shared on his Twitter account, he has become a reference on the subject.

It’s a great honor to host on 8Beats his very first mix with a "music for staring at the sky in a sunny afternoon" kind of groove.


  • Azusa Chiba - Deep Mountains, Dark Valleys A

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade

  • Daisuke Nagata - Phantom's Dance (Stage 1)


  • Fumie Kumatani - Jungle (A Forest Cage)

    Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II

  • Masafumi Takada - N.M.H. (Action Mix)

    No More Heroes

  • Lawrence Schwedler & James Phillipsen - La Razza Canal (Sunny)

    Wave Race: Blue Storm

  • Daisuke Nagata - Asagiri (Final Boss)


  • Yuzo Koshiro - The Time Is Over (feat. Jeff Washburn)

    Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 6

  • Satoru Wono - Dancin' Groove

    Racingroovy VS

  • Makoto Iida - The Offing

    SEGA Marine Fishing

  • Akitaka Tohyama - Bless My Stars (feat. Lan Lan Suzuki)

    Beautiful Katamari

  • Masanori Akita - Under A Blue Sky

    Enthusia: Professional Racing

  • Masahiro Andoh & Hideyuki Fukasawa - Moon Over The Castle

    Gran Turismo 2

  • strongyoshie - Aurora Snowfield

    Rapid River

  • Hyd Lunch - Special Record Vol.2


  • Fumio Itoh - Night Flight Prototype

    OutRun 2

  • Jun Chikuma - Amusement World (Stage 1)

    Saturn Bomberman

  • Richard Jacques - Heartland

    Metropolis Street Racer

  • Heart Of Air - Kiss Me Sunlights (Opening Theme)

    Zone Of The Enders

  • Hiroshi Okubo - Silver Stream

    Rage Racer

  • Mona Lisa - Awake To Love (Japanese)

    Phantom Crash