30000 MPH

by VGD&B

It's no wonder that a genre as varied as D&B found its way even in videogames. From Ape Escape to System Shock, from shooters to horse racing games, from the 90s till this very day, D&B and videogames continue in providing fresh new sounds for the gamepad ravers. Here's a little sneak peek to the soundclash between these 2 vastly different mediums, that surprisingly end up working really well together.

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  • Richard Jacques - Race To The Bass (Part 1)

    Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

  • Rom Di Prisco, Wicked Lester & Crispin Hands - Track 4 (Mission 4)

    007: Racing

  • Satoru Wono - Super Star

    Racingroovy VS

  • Masahiro Andoh - Blowing Away

    Gran Turismo 2

    Available on
  • Noriko Matsueda - Final Battle

    Racing Lagoon

    Available on
  • Ekstrak - Induction Kit

    Need For Speed: Carbon

    Available on
  • Technical Itch - Caution

    Rollcage Stage II

    Available on
  • Michael Henry, Joe Lyford & Barry Leitch - Garage

    San Francisco Rush 2049

  • Simon Robertson & Stephen Root - Tox City

    Extreme-G: XG2

  • Yuzo Koshiro - Inside The Hell

    Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 6

    Available on
  • Ayako Saso - Kamikaze

    Rave Racer

    Available on
  • Romolo Di Prisco - Bring That Beat Back

    Need For Speed: High Stakes

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  • Ayako Saso - Warp Trooper

    Ridge Racer

    Available on
  • Noisia - Crash Test

    MotorStorm: Apocalypse

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  • Ebizoo Tanuma - Regen

    SEGA Touring Car Championship

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