20000 MPH

by VGD&B

It's no wonder that a genre as varied as D&B found its way even in videogames. From Ape Escape to System Shock, from shooters to horse racing games, from the 90s till this very day, D&B and videogames continue in providing fresh new sounds for the gamepad ravers. Here's a little sneak peek to the soundclash between these 2 vastly different mediums, that surprisingly end up working really well together.

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  • Shinji Hosoe - Ternary Game

    999: Nine Hours · Nine Persons · Nine Doors

    Available on
  • Masafumi Takada - Succession


    Available on
  • Tetsukazu Nakanishi - Montage

    Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

    Available on
  • Tappi Iwase & Harry Gregson-Williams - Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (Document Remix)

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

    Available on
  • Yuji Takenouchi & Hideyuki Eto - Stage 02


  • Radix - Track 14

    Sub Rebellion

  • Masafumi Takada - Tamura (Akira Yamaoka Remix)

    The Silver Case

  • Mitsuharu Fukuyama - Whiskey & Rhapsody

    Yakuza 4

    Available on
  • Shusaku Uchiyama & Misao Senbongi - The Mercenaries (Ada)

    Resident Evil 4

    Available on
  • Kemmei Adachi - Liquid The Blue

    Devil Dice

  • Tsuneo Imahori - Tough Cookie


    Available on
  • Mitsuto Suzuki - Glory's Fanfare

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Available on
  • Etro Anime - Danger (feat. Liset Alea)

    Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

  • Date Of Birth - Sometimes I Breathe

    Planet Dob

  • ThorHighHeels - Beat The Police

    Umurangi Generation

    Available on
  • Unknown - MAX Speed

    Snowboard Racer

  • Ryuji Nishida - Discovery

    NOTAM Of Wind