Pix'n Love

Pix'n Love

Founded in September 2007, Pix’n Love is the first publishing company dedicated to the world and culture of video games.

We're all about digging into and preserving the history of video games. Our team interviews industry insiders to uncover scoops, stories, and fun facts about the people and events that shaped gaming.

Because we want to decipher and archive the history of video game heritage, Pix'n Love's editorial line is based on genuine investigative work. By meeting, interviewing and infiltrating the actors of the time, Pix'n Love's bloodhounds manage to distill scoops, anecdotes and trivia about personalities or events that have left an indelible mark on the video game industry.

With over a hundred books, our catalog invites you to discover the amazing story of these personalities, machines and games that have made this entertainment industry one of the most colossal of the last fifty years. Whether it's illustrious creators with the collection of official biographies "Les Grands Noms Du Jeu Vidéo", reference books dedicated to flagship consoles and microcomputers (NES, SNES, Game Boy, PC Engine, Amiga), or cult series (Sonic, Rayman, GTA, The Witcher, Zelda, Shenmue, Tomb Raider), more than 30,000 pages have been carefully written over ten years of research.

Starting in 2010, Pix'n Love had the chance to participate in the development of Pix'n Love Rush. An action game with retro references created by the studio Pastagames. Then, in 2013, we published our first box set including a physical video game: Another World, included with the biography of Eric Chahi. Since then, about ten collaborations have emerged.

Finally, in 2019, we took the leap: we became video game publishers. Committed to physical support and with the same desire for transmission and sharing, the Pix'n Love Games label was born.