New Game & Watch: Mar/Apr 2022

by cakophon

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of new games that come out each year?

New Game & Watch strives to spotlight new releases. Some you might have heard of, and many you might have not. No matter if you know every new game, or if each track is a new discovery, we hope you find something you enjoy!

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  • Joel Schoch - Turn

    FAR: Changing Tides

    Available on
  • Melos Han-Tani - Yearning Echoes From Sunken Mall


    Available on
  • Saria Lemes - Spaceship

    Xermatt Redux

    Available on
  • Yasunori Mitsuda - Scars of Time

    Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

    Available on
  • Hidenori Iwasaki - The Split

    Chocobo GP

    Available on
  • Promtastik - Green Area

    WoRMeR Deluxe

    Available on
  • Lifeformed & Janice Kwan - Subterra


    Available on
  • Todd Baker - The Spirit of the Mountain

    Alto's Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain

  • Hirokazu Ando - The Battle of Blizzard Bridge

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land

  • Max Coburn - Dance of the Daring

    Crossy Road Castle

    Available on
  • Fat Bard - ファスト・ベロシティ [FAST VELOCITY]

    Demon Turf: Neon Splash

    Available on
  • Schwank - $1.78

    Beat Saber

  • bb tombo - final boss

    Temple of Rubbo

    Available on
  • Weird Wolves - Assassins

    Weird West

    Available on
  • neozoid - WYRM


    Available on
  • Chris Christodoulou - The Face of the Deep

    Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void

    Available on
  • Lena Raine - Labyrinthine

    Minecraft: Wild Update

    Available on
  • Mei Osawa - GYAAR-kun's Song

    Survival Quiz CITY

    Available on